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Audit Shield Tax Audit Insurance - protect yourself against the costs of being reviewed, investigated or audited

What is it?
This policy provides for the payment of the professional fees otherwise payable by you when incurred as a result of our firm being required to respond to an audit, review or investigation by the IRD or other government body. 

What are the benefits?
The professional fees related to responding to and resolving an audit, review or investigation can be considerable. These include our fees directly related to the matter plus the fees of any outside person (e.g. taxation lawyers or relevant consultants) will be covered, up to your prescribed limit. Current and all previous years' lodged returns are covered from the day after receipt of your premium. 

What is the cost?
The premiums are based on turnover levels and whether you are an individual, partnership or business.  Graham and Dobson acts as an agent for Accountancy Insurance (the leading provider of Tax Audit Insurance in Australasia) and the policy is underwritten by Vero Liability Insurance Ltd. The cost should ordinarily be tax deductible if you are in business or self employed.  There is no excess payable and no minimum claim amount.

Why would I want this insurance?
IRD continues to announce significant increases in their audit activity, and with an estimated $6 return for every $1 spent on compliance this focus is set to continue. There are ways to reduce your chances of being audited or investigated, such as submitting your returns and paying your taxes on time, keeping accurate and complete records, showing reasonable income (or drawings) etc.  However there is nothing you can do to avoid a random tax audit - the IRD can instigate a review, audit or investigation for any reason.  We offer Audit Shield so that the professional fees that you risk incurring from these activities are one less worry for you.

Please contact us for further information regarding this insurance.


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Callum Thompson

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Audit Manager

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  • Parihohonu Station has been involved with Graham and Dobson since the early 1900s. They have proved to be of great value, producing a high standard of quality work, are trustworthy, astute, and approachable any time at all. The staff are very friendly and will bend over backwards for us. We always recommend this long established firm unequivocally.

    Avianne and Nigel Faram

  • We are grateful for the enormous amount of support the staff of Graham & Dobson provide. They have demonstrated a high level of understanding, knowledge and financial direction and deliver a consistent service in structured, efficient timeframes. This is a company with high integrity and strong values focusing on providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction.

    Gisborne Stroke Support Group Inc.

  • Graham & Dobson helped me start my own business in 2007. Without their help and support the process would have been a lot harder. They offer excellent on-going support and advice.

    Karl Platten - Lawns Plus Ltd (GreenAcres)