Filing Your Records

The way in which your documents are presented to us can make a big difference to the efficiency and accuracy of processing your work. 

Please ask us if you would like a set of customised Graham & Dobson dividers for this task, or you can create your own:

Financial Statements Checklist (Questionnaires)
Bank Statements
Expenses and Tax Invoices
Loans, HP's and Leases
Other Documents
Wages and ACC

Not all sections will be applicable to your business or situation. Simply include the relevant information and documents.

Financial Statements Checklist (Questionnaires)
We'll send your questionnaire(s) to you close to your balance date. File this on top of your other records.

Bank Statements
- Full year for each business account (if you don't use software with bank transactions imported)
- Final statement showing closing balance on your balance date
- Credit card statements
- Term deposit statements and notices
- Provide details of business transactions paid through any other bank accounts

- Interest certificates
- Dividend certificates
- Overseas income information
- Documents for any other income received
- Farming: sales advices for livestock/wool/crops/produce sold
- Rebate advices
- Rental property: end of year summary from management firm or other relevant documents 

Expenses and Tax Invoices
- File accounts in date paid order
- Income protection insurance
- Separate any invoices paid with cash or other bank accounts
- Separate invoices for new assets (Over $500)

Loans, HP's and Leases
- Documentation for any new Hire Purchase or lease agreements
- Documentation for any new loans or mortgages
- Loan statements covering the full financial year, showing amount owing at balance date

Other Documents
- Settlement statements from your solicitor for businesses or property sold/purchased
- Sale & purchase agreements for any business or property you have sold/purchased
- Notices of any investment changes
- Property revaluation notices (issued every 3 years)
- Donation receipts
- Anything else you think is relevant

Wages and ACC
- Employer deductions and monthly schedules
- PAYE statements from IRD
- ACC levy invoices, statements and correspondence (e.g. instalment arrangements)

- All returns filed with IRD
- Worksheets used to calculate returns
- Statements from IRD

Client in the Spotlight

Roberts Tree Surgeons Ltd

Paul and Kelly Roberts started their business Roberts Tree Surgeons from scratch 12 years ago. Today the company is a strong team of 10 full time staff. Roberts Tree Surgeons are the one-stop shop for tree removal, tree maintenance and tree planting.

The majority of their work is tree and garden maintenance of private clients and large infrastructure clients...


Meet our Team

Ian Chatfield

What is your current role at Graham & Dobson?

Where are you from originally?
Born and raised in Gisborne.  Lived in Auckland, London and Gisborne


What our clients say...

  • Parihohonu Station has been involved with Graham and Dobson since the early 1900s. They have proved to be of great value, producing a high standard of quality work, are trustworthy, astute, and approachable any time at all. The staff are very friendly and will bend over backwards for us. We always recommend this long established firm unequivocally.

    Avianne and Nigel Faram

  • We are grateful for the enormous amount of support the staff of Graham & Dobson provide. They have demonstrated a high level of understanding, knowledge and financial direction and deliver a consistent service in structured, efficient timeframes. This is a company with high integrity and strong values focusing on providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction.

    Gisborne Stroke Support Group Inc.

  • Graham & Dobson helped me start my own business in 2007. Without their help and support the process would have been a lot harder. They offer excellent on-going support and advice.

    Karl Platten - Lawns Plus Ltd (GreenAcres)